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Our web site is devoted to fine Oriental Antiques and Collectable. Periodically we present our online Exhibition on selected Private Collections from our members. In e-Gallery, you can acquire Asian antiques and works of arts from our beautiful collection. Register to be a cpching.com exclusive member you will receive periodic newsletters and announcements for future events. Members can gain access to the up-coming Privileges Corner situated in the e-gallery where members can enjoy special membership pricing on selected pieces.

Please visit our e-Gallery, where you will find our exclusive collections of Buddhist works of arts primarily from Tibet and South East Asia. Our antique collections also include textiles, furniture, porcelains, paintings and other Asian works of arts. We guarantee the authenticity of our antiques with a 30 day refund policy. Under construction is a new segment, C.P. Ching Fine Living, where you will find many wonderful "bits and pieces" to enhance your living in a fine Oriental style.

This page is under construction

This page is under construction.